We model consumers’ mindset to
crystallize what brands mean to consumers
We model consumers’ mindset to
discover what consumers really want
We model consumers’ mindset to
pinpoint the drivers of consumer loyalty
We model consumers’ mindset to
detail the anatomy of consumers’ lives and experiences
We model consumers’ mindset to
surface what underlies consumers’ decisions and behavior
We specialize in Mind-Modeling — a research method designed to map the network of thoughts and feelings that shape consumers’ mindset and drive their behavior.
Uniquely, Mind-Modeling integrates an extensive range of insight into a unified model that enables marketers to accurately understand how and why people make the decisions they do.
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We use Mind-Modeling to develop brand and innovation strategies that connect to the reality of consumers’ hearts, minds and lives.
Applications of Mind-Modeling
Aspirational Brand Identities
Develop an architecture that aligns your brand with a core category need and the core drivers of consumers’ brand involvement.
Inspiring Brand Positionings
Identify a positioning strategy that effectively elevates and differentiates consumers’ emotional connection to your brand
Consumer-Centric Innovation Strategies
Discover opportunities to develop products that delight consumers by delivering on their needs and wants
Strategies to Influence Shopper Behavior
Pinpoint ways to engage shoppers, heighten product saliency and motivate preferential product selection
We partner with our clients to ensure consumer insights are translated into profitable brand actions.
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our leadership
David Hurvitz
Founding Partner
Carolyn Limbrunner
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